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5 Scary Stories to Keep You Up All Night ???? "By the Light of the Firefly" & Other Tales

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More than an hour of original scary stories to tell in the dark, guaranteed to give you nightmares... a compilation of the scariest creepypasta, reddit NoSleep tales, and true scary stories from the Internet.

0:00:19 "By the Light of the Firefly" by Luke Weller (feat. Otis Jiry)
0:08:48 "The Living History Project" by Christine O'Neill (feat. Otis Jiry)
0:27:57 "Ickbarr Bigelsteine" by Stephen D. Harris (feat. Otis Jiry)
0:38:15 "Someone Has Made It an Annual Tradition to Amputate a Part of My Body" by Eigengraulogy (feat. Otis Jiry)
1:00:08 "The Sandman" by Tam Lin (feat. Otis Jiry)

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Top 5 Seriously Scary Stories That Will Give You Nightmares - award-winning scary stories creepypasta compilation countdown

5 Scary Stories So Creepy You'll Never Sleep Again ???? "Stay Inside the Car" & Other Tales

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