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CHAIN OF DEATH Official Trailer (2019) Horror Thriller HD

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CHAIN OF DEATH Official Trailer (2019) Horror Thriller HD

PLOT: CHAIN OF DEATH, written by Porras (INSIDE THE BOX, IDA Y VUELTA) and Andres Rosende (THE BEAR, ESCAPE, SNAPSHOTS) and produced by Elisa Lleras (BITCH, INSIDE THE BOX, FRANKENSTEIN), follows the story of Dr. Mike Colleman (Amedori), a brilliant young doctor who’s married to the girl of his dreams while enjoying the big city life. The fairy-tale lifestyle comes to a screeching halt as Mike learns that his mother Emma (Barbeau) can no longer take care of his father (Wise) who suffers from a Parkinson’s Disease-like ailment and whose health is in a downward spiral. Soon Mike learns that he too suffers from the exact same neurological illness as his father and decides to voluntarily enter a “Chain” of assisted suicides in an effort to end his own misery. There’s only one catch - if you want to die, you must kill someone first.

CAST: John Patrick Amedori, Madeline Zima, Ray Wise, Adrienne Barbeau

DIRECTOR: David Martín Porras

RELEASE DATE: July 19, 2019

#chainofdeath #raywise

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#chainofdeath #raywise

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