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Coloring Hello Kitty Halloween Witch Coloring Page Prismacolor Colored Pencils | KiMMi THE CLOWN

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Join in on the fun as I, Kimmi The Clown, color in my Hello Kitty Halloween Coloring & Activity Book! This awesome book comes with so many different pages to color! Watch me color a picture of Hello Kitty as a witch using Prismacolor colored pencils! I had so much fun coloring in this Halloween coloring book and watching my picture come to life! Great book for kids who love Hello Kitty, coloring, drawing, painting or being artistic! Join me tomorrow for more fun videos! THANKS FOR WATCHING! HAVE A FUN DAY!!! ☺️

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Kimmi The Clown | Kids and Family Friendly Channel

Hey everyone, I'm Kimmi The Clown! I love coloring, crafts, toys, and making fun videos to share with you! Some of my absolute favorite things to color are: Peppa Pig, Disney Frozen, Barbie, Shopkins, My Little Pony, SpongeBob SquarePants, Disney Princesses, LOL Surprise Dolls, PAW Patrol, Hello Kitty, Shimmer and Shine, PJ Masks, Monster High, Beanie Boos, and much much more!! Watch me color any picture, big or small, using my Crayola crayons, Prismacolor paint markers, Prismacolor colored pencils, Crayola glitter markers, Magic reveal ink, or something totally new! If you want to see me color something specific, just leave me a comment with your request! Join me daily as I get creative and have lots of fun clownin' around!

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Crayola is a brand of artists' supplies manufactured by Crayola, LLC (formerly Binney & Smith Company) and best known for its crayons. The company is based in Forks Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Since 1984, Crayola has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards. Originally an industrial pigment supply company, Crayola soon shifted its focus to art products for home and school use, beginning with chalk, then crayons, followed later by colored pencils, markers, paints, modeling clay, and other related goods. All Crayola-branded products are marketed as nontoxic and safe for use by children. Most Crayola crayons are made in the United States.

Hello Kitty - A cheerful, warm-hearted little girl. Baking cookies is her forte, but what she enjoys most is eating a slice of Mama's apple pie! Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy are the best of friends. She has a crush on Dear Daniel and Melody is her best friend.

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