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Seeing Red – The Sleepless Night/ Short Horror Indie Film

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Seeing Red – The Sleepless Night
this fantastic short film adaptation by filmmaker Brandon Christensen follows the events of a night in the life of a man who decides to spend the night in a seedy motel. Upon check-in, he is told that next door to his room is a room with no number, and is warned not to go into that room. At first he is baffled by the suggestion that he would even do such a thing, but once he sees the unmarked door for himself, he gets curious, and peeps through the old-fashioned key hole to see what is so special about the secretive room.

SEE MORE ABOUT THE FILM HERE: http://www.chillingtalesfordarknights...


Thumbnail Artwork: evie-mai williams

Man -- Robert Scott Howard
Hotel Clerk -- Rusty Meyers
Ghost -- Brigid Kelly

Adaptation/Producer/Director/Editor -- Brandon Christensen
Director of Photography/Producer/Post-Production Matthew Greene
Sound Design -- Neil Curschman
Sound Recording/Grip -- Bobby Soto
Grip/Sound Recording -- Eric Guideng
Grip/PA -- Ashley McKeever
Intro remix--eviewilliams gaming

My Dad Lee-Allan Willimas
Sands Motel -- 809 Nevada Highway (www.sandsmotelbouldercity.com)
AHS: Hotel Season 5 music and inro,

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